Comparing The Best Steam Shower Brands

If you have read our blog comparing steam shower brands when it comes to their warranties, product selection, pricing, and simplicity, you may have an idea of which brand you would like to purchase for your home. However, this blog will provide more information on the technical differences between the brands so you can come to a greatly informed decision. 

First up, ThermaSol

We will be going through the components of each brand when it comes to their offerings, if you want to learn more about the ThermaSol brand, check out our brand highlight blog.


thermasol generator - artofsteamco

ThermaSol offers the PRO series generators which look a bit different from the generators from other brands. This is because ThermaSol utilizes a split tank design which pre-heats water on one side and boils the already preheated water on the other side resulting in more steam and less water. ThermaSol generators are also regarded as being the quietest on the market, if that is something you put into consideration.

ThermaSol also stands out against its competitors for its PowerFlush function. This function utilizes the pressurized tank to flush not only water, but scale build up out of the steam head. This is something that can increase the longevity of your generator and will also save you on installation costs as there will not be an additional drain line from the tank directly. Scale is the number one reason generators fail, and it can build up over time in generators that use a gravity drain as that scale is not forced out in any way. 

The PROIII generators offer the highest level of technology in their generator line. The main benefit of the PROIII is a technology they call Smart SteamSmart steam technology meters the power output needed to sustain your set temperature and tells your steam generator to use that amount, no more, no less. While maintaining consistent temperature, smart steam is able to use the generator more efficiently, meaning lower energy bills for you! This technology allows for constant steam flow without turning on and off. Other brands may offer constant steam flow, but it is by technology of heater cores turning on/off, which may cause some fluctuation in temperature.


ThermaSol offers 4 control types, all of which offer their own advantages. 

First, the Microtouch Control. This is the most simple control at a very budget friendly cost. This touch control will not offer all the bells and whistles, but you will be able to do what you need to run your steam shower.

microtouch thermasol - artofsteamco

Second, the Signature Series Control. A step up from the last control, this control offers the ability to set exact temperatures with a digital display as well as set a timer. Along with that, this control can be used with an easy start control, so you can start your steam shower from outside the enclosure as well as some other capabilities. 

signature series thermasol - artofsteamco

Third, the SignaTouch Control. Much like the signature series control, this control will be able to do all the above, but will also be able to control shower functions with the digital shower valve. An additional module will be required to get the full integration to work however.  

thermasol signatouch - artofsteamco

Fourth, the ThermaTouch Control. This is the most technologically advanced control on the market. This control offers bluetooth and wifi capabilities so you can stream your favorite music, tv shows, podcasts, and whatever else you please! This control is fully compatible with every other ThermaSol component, making it a no-brainer when choosing a fully integrated system.

thermasol thermatouch - artofsteamco

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Second up, Mr. Steam

If you would like to read more on the Mr. Steam brand, check out our brand highlight blog here.


mr steam steam generators - artofsteamco

Like the other two brands mentioned in this blog, Mr. Steam offers high quality materials with constant steam flow. Mr. Steam generators are much slimmer than the ThermaSol units due to their single tank design. Although a single tank design, Mr. Steam generators do a great job of creating that dual tank type steam that hangs around longer. The materials are top notch from Mr. Steam and their AutoFlush system is also top of the line when it comes to gravity drains.

Mr. Steam offers a technology that will keep the tank heated called Express Steam. This is similar to ThermaSol's FastStart, but you will have to pay extra for this feature. Express Steam will start making steam in seconds, creating a faster experience when getting your shower up to your desired temperature. 


Mr. Steam offers the following controls:

iTempo: The most simple control Mr. Steam offers. Best for those that are looking for simplicity and do not want to integrate further than just operating your steam generator.

mr steam itempo - artofsteamco

iTempoPlus: A more advanced iTempo control for those looking to control temp AND time as well as integration with ChromaSteam and AromaSteam. This control also allows for user presets.

mr steam itempoplus - artofsteamco

AirTempo: A completely wireless control that can be installed up to 60 feet away from the generator. Featuring everything the iTempoPlus can do, but wirelessly.

mr steam airtempo - artofsteamco

iSteamX: The brand new iSteamX is the most advanced control offered by Mr. Steam. This touchscreen control offers the most control over your environment from steam to lighting to sound. This control also features the ability to use apps to steam music and videos during your shower. For the money, this touchscreen control is one of the best on the market. 

Mr steam isteamx - artofsteamco

The big advantage Mr. Steam has is the fact that they offer a wireless control with the AirTempo and the fact that you can control your generator with you phone via their SteamLinkx system, something ThermaSol does not offer. 

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Lastly, Amerec 

Amerec offers the lowest price of these three, but still maintains a high level of craftsmanship and materials. You will be missing out on some high tech features however.


amerec ak generators - artofsteamco

Amerec offers their AK generators for residential homes. These generators, much like Mr. Steam, are a single tank design with constant flow steam. The technology behind the Amerec generators are classic and traditional. While you won't find an Express Steam or PowerFlush like option, you will be getting a great steam generator with a great warranty. 


Amerec offers 3 control types, which all will have their own advantages.

First, the K4 control. This control is great for those looking for the ultimate simplicity and lowest cost. This control is just an on off button for your steam generator. There is no temperature sensor though, so you will need to turn the generator on/off manually to control your temperature.

amerec k4 control - artofsteamco

Second, the K3 control. This control offers the simplicity of the K4 but with more functions that will make your experience more enjoyable. This control offers temperature and time control, with a very simplistic design.

amerec k3 control - artofsteamco

Lastly, the K4 control. The K4 control is the most advanced control from Amerec, while still remaining a cheaper option from the brands listed above. This control is compatible with all of Amerec's accessories and also offers WiFi connectivity so you can control your steam shower from your phone. This control also works with Google Home, Alexa, and Siri. 

amerec k2 control - artofsteamco

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While all three brands listed here today offer top notch quality and warranties, some offer more than others.

When it comes to technology and innovation, ThermaSol takes the cake for us. If you are looking for a system that is up to date with the latest technology, we highly recommend ThermaSol. 

When it comes to Mr. Steam, this brand offers some lower prices than ThermaSol, depending on how far you go with your system. For the quality of materials and the ample level of technology, Mr. Steam often finds its place amongst the best. Their specific technologies such as their wireless control also wins the hearts of many of our customers.

Amerec is a steal! Amerec may not have the most technology, but they do all the basic stuff great, for such a low price comparatively. For customers looking for the most simple setup, we always mention Amerec because that is what they do best.

If you need help finding which steam shower may be best for you, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to guide you along your steam shower journey!