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Brand Highlight: Mr. Steam

If you've read our blog comparing different steam shower brands, you'll see that Mr. Steam is a very reputable and popular choice. When comparing them to other brands, you can see that Mr. Steam is among the top brands. This blog will be focused on the brand Mr. Steam and what the buying process looks like.

About MrSteam

Mr. Steam is arguably the most popular steam shower brand on the market, why? Mr. Steam knows steam, they have been manufacturing steam generating products since 1917. They are solely focused on steam, making their attention to detail and innovation concentrated on steam showers and steam showers only. Mr. Steam also offers a competitive limited lifetime warranty on their steam generators and a 2 year warranty on their other products. You can look forward to reliability, comfort, and relaxation with a Mr. Steam steam shower system.

Generator Sizing

Mr. Steam's generator sizing is a bit more technical than that from other manufacturers such as ThermaSol. Mr. Steam considers wall material relevant whereas ThermaSol does not. Luckily, Mr. Steam has made this calculation easy using their tool found here

Product Information

First off, you'll find that there are different models of generators. MS generators for standard smaller showers, Super generators for medium sized showers, and MAX generators for very large showers. Along with this naming, you'll see the option for express steam. Adding express steam is possible with any of the generators listed and will cost a little bit extra. What is express steam? It is a design within the generator to keep water warm prior to turning on the generator so steam will produce much quicker.

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Second, controls and control kits. Every Mr. Steam control kit with have 1 of 4 different controls. 

  • iTempo: The most simple control Mr. Steam offers. Best for those that are looking for simplicity and do not want to integrate further than just operating your steam generator.
  • iTempoPlus: A more advanced iTempo control for those looking to control temp AND time as well as integration with ChromaSteam and AromaSteam. This control also allows for user presets.
  • AirTempo: A completely wireless control that can be installed up to 60 feet away from the generator. Featuring everything the iTempoPlus can do, but wirelessly.
  • iSteamX: The brand new iSteamX is the most advanced control offered by Mr. Steam. This touchscreen control offers the most control over your environment from steam to lighting to sound. This control also features the ability to use apps to steam music and videos during your shower. For the money, this touchscreen control is one of the best on the market. 


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Lastly, accessories. Mr. Steam offers great accessories to compliment your steam shower from essential oils and chakra oils to towel warmers and chromatherapy lighting. Just make sure your control is compatible with any accessories you do choose.

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How To Buy

Here at ArtOfSteamCo, we try to make the steam shower buying process as easy as possible. We have created a Mr. Steam bundle builder so you can create your own steam shower package that fulfills your wants and needs. Mr. Steam also offers a wide range of pre-built packages, which are sure to fit any application.


We are always available to help you find what you need, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you in the steam shower buying process.