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What Is The Best Steam Shower Brand For You?

If you have checked out our guide on building a steam shower and have the basics down of guidelines to follow and sizing requirements, you probably now are deciding on a brand. So, what is the best steam shower to choose? That answer really depends on your needs and wants.

Each steam shower brand we offer has their own benefits, and we will go through a full comparison below. For more information on the technical differences between these brands, check out this blog.


ThermaSol - ArtOfSteamCo

The ThermaSol brand takes every component of a steam shower to the next level. Along with being our most popular brand, ThermaSol also offers a range of products in different price ranges. We offer special sales on ThermaSol, currently we offer 12% off using code THERMASALE which gives you the lowest price of any authorized online seller!

Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty with 2 years in home service for all generators purchased through us. Controls and accessories also offer an array of warranties varying from one to three years. Warranty Rating: A+

Product Selection: ThermaSol offers many more integrations and products than any other steam bath company. They offer full integration with regular shower components with their digital valve as well as rain heads and more. Their controls are the most advanced of all of the brands and offer the most up to date technology and features. Product Selection Rating: A+

Pricing: ThermaSol is one of the more expensive brands once you start to build a complete package that takes advantage of all of their integration abilities. However, when it comes to the simple steam shower package like you'll find with the other steam shower brands, the price is slightly higher, but competitive, especially with the sales we offer here at ArtOfSteamCo. Price Rating: A


The process of building your ThermaSol steam shower package is the simplest of all brands in our eyes. ThermaSol offers pre-built packages that can pair with any of their PRO series generators. The sizing calculations of ThermaSol are also by far the easiest and the max cubic footage for each generator is in the name. The calculations are also easy because ThermaSol considers wall material irrelevant. We also have a simple bundle builder on our website that makes this process even simpler. Simplicity Rating: A+

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Amerec - Artofsteamco

Amerec has focused in on creating affordable, high quality steam shower components. With a competitive warranty, Amerec is one of our customer's favorite brands. 

Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty with 2 years in home service for all generators purchased through us. Warranty Rating: A+

Product Selection: Amerec is a simple steam shower brand with not many integrations beyond just steam. Amerec does offer lighting, sound, filtration, and aromatherapy options to maximize your experience. With that being said, considering offerings from other brands, Amerec is ideal for those looking for a simple steam shower, but not ideal for those looking for a fully integrated system. Product Selection Rating: B

Pricing: Considering the warranty and quality offered from Amerec, their prices are definitely more affordable. For the best price, you get more from Amerec than most brands. Price Rating: A+

Simplicity With Amerec having less offerings, that makes it ultimately easier to pick your components. We offer an Amerec package which you can choose your options, making this process even easier. Simplicity Rating: A

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Mr. Steam

Mr. Steam - artofsteamco

Mr. Steam remains one of the most popular steam brands in the US because of their build quality, warranty, and simple buying process. Although they do not offer as many options as other brands, when it comes to a simple steam shower, Mr. Steam is one of the best options.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime warranty with 2 years in home service for all generators purchased through us. Warranty Rating: A+

Product Selection: Mr. Steam offers the essentials of a steam shower and takes those components to the next level. Their variety of steam head shapes, control types, and generator offerings are some of the most diverse. However, with no integration with any shower components, those looking for the complete package with everything in the shower itself ran by one control, you won't find it with Mr. Steam. Product Selection Rating: B+

Pricing: Mr. Steam is competitive on both simple setups and setups with more advanced controls. Overall, you won't find pricing of Mr. Steam to be extremely low or high for what you are getting. Price Rating: A

Simplicity: Mr. Steam offers pre-built packages that make the product picking easy as can be. However, the calculation for the steam generator sizing is more complex than other brands with wall material being an important factor. Simplicity Rating: A

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Kohler - artofsteamco

One of the most popular plumbing brands in the US, Kohler offers steam shower products that can be integrated with their other plumbing components. They also offer simple steam shower setups that can be compared to the brands above.

Warranty: Kohler offers only a 3 year warranty on their steam generators. This can be seen as a major step down from the competition especially at this price point. Warranty Rating: B-

Product Selection: Kohler offers significantly less options for a simple steam shower setup as they only offer one control. For their integration with shower components, they also offer only one control. Overall, Kohler specialized in much more than just steam, so the offerings are limited. Product Selection Rating: B-

Pricing: You will find that Kohler pricing is higher than those at the lower price end like Amerec, but you don't receive the same warranty or options like you do with Amerec. However, for someone looking to integrate their Kohler shower components with their Kohler steam shower, you will find their prices are lower than the other integrated brand, ThermaSol. Price Rating: B+

Simplicity: Kohler offers some of the simplest product selection in this category. With only two control types to choose from, one type of generator (different sizes), and one type of steam head, it is extremely easy to get everything you need for your steam shower. Simplicity Rating: A+

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So Which Brand is Right For You?

We've laid out some of the most important factors our customer's have considered when choosing a brand. Which factors matter most to you? For some of our recommendations, feel free to reach out to us with your wants and we will give you some ideas of which direction you should go. Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page. Don't forget to check out our sales and reach out for discount codes! We frequently offer discount codes that can save you hundreds to thousands on your steam shower!