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Introducing The ThermaSol Build Your Own Steam Shower Package Customizer

Here at ArtOfSteamCo, we have curated pre-built steam shower kits to make shopping for components as easy as possible. We have seen great responses from our customers regarding the ease of purchasing our pre-built all-in-one ThermaSol packages. However, ThermaSol offers such a range of options with different compatibilities and capabilities, we wanted to make this shopping experience more customizable for you. This is why we created the ThermaSol Build Your Own Steam Package Customizer Tool.


In this blog, we will go over what is offered and how to use this tool to make your shopping experience as pleasant and easy as possible.


Choosing Your Generator

When your first enter the package customizer page, your first selection will be for which generator you want to start with. We recommend reading up on the ThermaSol Pro Series Generators to fully understand their features. We have added this graphic below as well to help you understand the difference between the PROI, PROII, and the PROIII.

ThermaSol Pro Series Generators ArtOfSteamCo

We also have a blog the choosing the correct generator size, however, each manufacturer is different, so let's go over ThermaSol's specific sizing.

ThermaSol uses a Simple Sizing Formula: Shower L x W x H = Cubic Feet

For every foot of ceiling height over 8 ft., choose next size generator. (up to 10 ft.) All interior wall material is irrelevant.

For example a shower 5x5x8 (200 cu. ft.) would require a ProI/II/III-240, if the ceiling height is 9 feet, a 395 is required, and for a 10 foot ceiling, a 575 is required.

Example note: If your shower is 145 cu. ft with an 8 feet or shorter ceiling, do NOT choose the 140 model, always move a size up to properly fill your shower with steam. In this example, a 145 cu. ft. shower requires a 240 model.

Once you have chosen your generator, go ahead and click add, and the generator will be added to your bundle. You can now click the next button located at the bottom and top of the page.

Choosing Your Control Package

Next, you select your control package. Below is a graphic showing the different capabilities of each control:

ThermaSol Controls ArtOFSteamCo


There are many packages available from ThermaSol, all of which are compatible with your generator, so really plan out how many features you want in your smart steam shower. If you want to include a ThermaSol Hydrovive, it is best to opt for the ThermaTouch, if you want just basic steam controls, the MicroTouch will be your best option. The ThermaSol Total Wellness packages will give you the ability to integrate every function of your shower in one control. Keep in mind that if you want to do this later on, it is best to buy a ThermaTouch now, and you can buy the other components like the digital shower valve and rain head later on. 

Once you decide which package best fits your needs, select the finish you want and press add (note: ThermaSol finishes vary in lead time, group A finishes Matte Black, Polished Nickel, Polished Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Nickel are stocked and ready to ship while other finishes are made to order).

You are now ready to press next and select your accessories. 

Choosing Your Accessories

ThermaSol offers many accessories, your control choice really determines how far you can go into accessory shopping. If you chose the ThermaTouch or SignaTouch, you will have the largest amount of choice when it comes to compatible accessories. This can range from the Complete Shower Package or Hydrovive, to the Serenity Series rain heads and sound/light heads.

ThermaSol Hydrovive 14 Artofsteamco

The new ThermaSol Hydrovive 14 

For the MicroTouch controls, your accessories will be items that do not require compatibility with a control. Examples of these items are the ThermaSol Bluetooth speakers, the Fog Free Mirrors, and AromaTherapy oils. As always, refer to the control capability chart shown above to determine your best accessory choices.

ThermaSol Fog Free Mirror artofsteamco

ThermaSol Fog Free Mirror 

We here at ArtOfSteamCo are very excited about this new offering on our site. We believe ThermaSol has done such a great job putting out products that are compatible with each other to the point where you can really fully customize your steam bath experience. We want our customers to experience a painless shopping experience when it comes to steam showers, and that is the story of why we started this business in the first place. 

To check out the tool and build out your future steam shower, click here.

If you need help choosing components or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us using our contact us page.