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ThermaSol Pro Series Generators. What You Need To Know.

So you have read up on all of the benefits of steam showers and have decided to undergo the process of building a steam shower and now you need to decide on a generator. Steam showers come with many decisions to make. ThermaSol is a brand that tries to make these decisions easier. This guide will help you better understand ThermaSol's pro series generators and assist you in deciding which model is right for you. 

Why ThermaSol Pro Series?

ThermaSol has been around 60+ years, constantly evolving and bringing the newest technologies to your home. ThermaSol ranks highly, if not at the top, of the best steam shower generators you can buy for your residential space. Their long standing reputation exceeds that of many other manufacturers in the steam shower industry. To guarantee the quality of product you are receiving from ThermaSol, they offer an at factory lifetime warranty on all of their steam generators in the Pro Series. This warranty also includes 2 years of in-home service, meaning, ThermaSol will cover any warrantied issues that arise in the first two years of ownership and have your generator serviced in the comfort of your own home. 

Some other benefits include:

  • Easy generator sizing. No need to accumulate for different materials of walls.
  • FastStart technology on all pro series generators.  
  • Multitude of controls available that are compatible with all pro series generators.


Thermasol ProI, ProII, or ProIII? Which is right for me?


ThermaSol ProI

The most economical model of Thermasol steam shower generators, although not featuring as much as the II or the III, still a great option with the same lifetime warranty. The ProI series is available in 4 Cu. Ft. ratings up to 395.


ThermaSol PRO-II

The middle option between the ProI and ProIII, the ProII offers more sizes available as well as the PowerFlush function, which uses a pressurized inner tank design that flushes your generator of sediment automatically. No need to flush your generator manually or rely on gravity to remove all sediment. 

Thermasol pro series generator artofsteamco


ThermaSol PRO-III

The most popular choice for our customers, and rightfully so. The ProIII offers the most Cu. Ft. rating sizes available as well as brings more technology to the plate. Along with a custom stainless steel drain pan, the ProIII features ThermaSol's SmartSteam technology. SmartSteam produces the precise volume of steam required to maintain your desired room temperature while providing a quiet, relaxed experience. This is accomplished by metering the output of power; the steam shower generator only uses enough power to support your requested temperature for your shower or steam room - no more, no less.

Thermasol pro series generators artofsteamco

Here are some features of the PRO Series Generators side by side:

ThermaSol pro series generators artofsteamco
Refer to the video below from ThermaSol for more information on the Pro Series Generators:


Why Buy From Us?

Here at ArtOfSteamCo, we are authorized online resellers of ThermaSol products. ThermaSol does not guarantee their lifetime warranties from resellers not listed on their website. When you buy from us, you are guaranteed authentic ThermaSol products and guaranteed the warranty that comes with them.


You can find our ThermaSol Pro Series Generators here.


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With being an authorized reseller of ThermaSol comes more resources and product knowledge to help you make an informed purchase decision. We are always available to help via the contact us page.