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How To Build Your Perfect Steam Shower

So you have read up on all of the benefits of steam showers and have decided to undergo the process of building a steam shower and now you need to actually buy the components. Steam Showers can be complex. You might find yourself often confused on what all you need to build a steam shower. This blog should shed some light on the process of buying components for a steam shower and guide you on your journey to the luxury of steam.  

Which Generator is Best For Me?


Generators are the most critical part of any steam shower. They also come in a great variety of wattage and voltage options.

Let's start with wattage.

Most residential steam generators will land in the 4.5-14KW range depending on the size of your shower. For example, let's take the Kohler Invigoration Steam Generator and compare what wattage is required for different shower sizes.

  • 5kw option: 56 cubic feet maximum volume rating for custom showering applications.
  • 9kw option: 240 cubic feet maximum volume rating for custom showering applications.
  • 11kw option: 317 cubic feet maximum volume rating for custom showering applications.

Depending on brand, kw rating and max square footage can vary. Always check the generator specifications and measure your shower's square feet by multiplying length by width by height to find the right fit. 

Voltage on generators can often be seen in two forms: 240v and 208v.

240v is the most common voltage in residential applications as there is no modification needed to make the power a 3-phase electrical system that 208v requires. 208v applications are more common in commercial buildings where over 1000 watts are expected on a continuing basis. 

All generators offered on our website are 240v, however, if you are looking to install a generator in a commercial building, contact us, and we can help you find everything you need.


Controls come in a great variety of features, shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Steam controls allow you to:

  • Adjust the timer
  • Set Temperature
  • Check system maintenance 
  • Control lights and sound (if the controller allows)

Controllers are the second most important component to a steam shower setup. Your steam experience will rely heavily on which control you chose.

We offer everything from basic controls that do the necessary functions to more complex systems that offer integrations with music, lights, and mobile apps.

Many controller options come in kits which combine the controller with other components such as steam heads and pans. 

Other Components  


As mentioned above, many control kits come with two other important components, those being steam heads and pans.

Steams heads come in a wide range of shapes and colors to fit your bathroom perfectly. 

Steam heads are most often seen in square or round shapes, however, there are linear options as well that provide a sleek and even more luxurious look.

Pans are placed under the generator and collect excess water. The use of a pan is highly recommended in any steam shower application.  

How Do I Make Sure I Have Everything I Need?

The easiest way to make sure of that is by purchasing a package that offers everything that is needed.

Here at ArtOfSteam we offer pre-built packages that include everything you need to experience the luxury of a steam shower. Our pre-built packages can be fully customized to your needs. Each package will give you the option on generator size as well as control and steam head color. 



Shopping for a steam shower can be daunting. We here at ArtOfSteam have made this process as easy as possible so you can turn the dream of having a steam shower into reality even quicker.

Whether you are looking for individual components such as controls, generators, pans, and steam heads or are looking for a complete package, we have what you need. 

If you need any assistance with choosing the right steam shower components for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us