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Introducing The New Mr. Steam iSteamX Controller

Take your steam shower experience to a whole new level with the new Mr. Steam iSteamX controller. 

Mr. Steam iSteamX - artofsteamco

We are excited to announce the new release from Mr. Steam. If you've read our blog on the brand Mr. Steam, you know they are always innovating and progressing, this product proves just that. With the new iSteamX control, you have more capability and control than ever before! You can now connect to WiFi and enjoy your favorite shows, playlists, podcasts, and more! With the 7 in touch screen display, set your aromatherapy and lighting to fit your mood in an instant. 


  • Supports popular apps such as: Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, Prime, ESPN, Weather, Amazon Music, and Audible. 
  • Visual countdown function showing the remaining time on your steam session.
  • Bluetooth capability to connect your listening experience.
  • Connects with the Audio@Home system with speakers for sound.
  • 7 inch display with high-quality graphics.
  • Ability to control any aspect of your steam shower with the touch of a finger.
  • Bezel trim around the control to match your bathroom finishes.

Mr. Steam iSteamX - ArtOfSteamCo

How To Buy

Here at ArtOfSteamCo, we are authorized online sellers for Mr. Steam and are here to help! We do our best to make the steam shower buying process as easy as possible! Mr. Steam offers some great pre-built packages with the iSteamX control included making that buying process as seamless as possible. You can also use our Mr. Steam bundle builder tool, so you can get exactly what you want with your package. 

If you have questions and need help or just want to make sure you are getting everything you need, please feel free to contact us.