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What Is ThermaSol Smart Steam?

With smart steam technology offered by ThermaSol in their PRO III series steam generators, you'll never have to deal with annoying and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Smart steam technology meters the power output needed to sustain your set temperature and tells your steam generator to use that amount, no more, no less. While maintaining consistent temperature, smart steam is able to use the generator more efficiently, meaning lower energy bills for you!

Check out the video from ThermaSol below on what smart steam is and why is it the most desired feature in steam showers:

What makes ThermaSol Smart Steam different?

ThermaSol's use of smart steam differs from competitors which use more energy output by having the generator turn on and off and constantly running at full power while attempting to reach the desired temperature. The smart steam feature uses less energy and provides a quieter experience for you. 


Say you want your steam shower to be at 100 degrees, like all other brands, the generator will run at full power, for this example 10 kw, until the desired temperature is reached. Where ThermaSol differs is now the generator will stay on but will scale back the power output to what is required to stay at 100 degrees. This depends on the size of your shower, but for this example, the generator outputs 3 kw of power maintaining the 100 degrees. Other brands generators will shut off and then turn back on and run at full output to get the temperature back to 100 degrees, which can be noisy and cause fluctuations in heat. 

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