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Steam Showers vs. Regular Showers

Stepping into a soothing shower after a long, tiring day is a delightful experience. But did you know there are different types of showers that offer unique benefits beyond mere cleanliness? In this blog post, we'll delve into the differences between steam showers and regular showers, exploring their features, health benefits, design differences, and overall showering experience. Whether you're considering a bathroom upgrade or simply curious about the options available, read on to uncover the world of steam showers and regular showers.

The Power of Steam:

One of the most significant distinctions between a steam shower and a regular shower lies in the incorporation of steam. Steam showers are designed to generate and maintain a high level of humidity, creating a relaxing, spa-like experience. The steam is produced by a steam generator, which releases a gentle mist throughout the shower enclosure. Regular showers, on the other hand, rely on standard water flow, providing a familiar and straightforward showering experience.

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Therapeutic Benefits:

While regular showers offer refreshing cleansing and rejuvenation, steam showers provide additional therapeutic advantages. The moist heat from the steam has been shown to promote improved blood circulation, alleviate muscle tension, and aid in relaxation and stress reduction. The heat can help open up pores, cleanse the skin, and remove impurities, offering a deep cleansing experience. Steam showers have also been linked to respiratory benefits, as inhaling the warm steam can help alleviate congestion and sinus issues. You can read more on the health benefits of steam showers here.

Shower Enclosure Design:

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Steam showers often feature enclosed cabins or cubicles that are specifically designed to trap steam. These enclosures are constructed with materials that can withstand high humidity levels, such as tempered glass, tile, or acrylic. Additionally, steam showers may include built-in seating, multiple shower heads, aromatherapy options, and integrated lighting systems to enhance the overall spa-like atmosphere. Regular showers, on the other hand, come in various designs and configurations, ranging from simple curtain-enclosed tubs to elaborate walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, but they typically lack the specialized features of steam showers.

Installation and Maintenance:

Due to their unique features, steam showers require more complex installation compared to regular showers. The steam generator, plumbing, and ventilation systems must be properly installed to ensure efficient operation and avoid potential moisture-related issues. Maintenance of steam showers also involves regular draining to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits on surfaces due to the steam. This can come in the form of an automatic Powerflush that is offered of ThermaSol generators, or more commonly in the form of a gravity drain line from the generator. In contrast, regular showers generally require less extensive installation and maintenance, making them a simpler option.

Energy Efficiency and Water Usage:

When it comes to energy efficiency and water usage, steam showers require electricity to generate and maintain the steam, which can lead to higher energy consumption, although brands do try to combat this issue such as ThermaSol with their Smart Steam feature. Steam showers use much less water than regular showers. Steam showers use about 2 gallons of water over 20 minutes where a low-flow shower head uses 40 gallons over that same time. Those looking to conserve water can still get the satisfaction of a long shower without as much guilt, just steam for as long as you wish, and quickly rinse off after. 


Both steam showers and regular showers offer unique experiences and benefits. Steam showers provide a spa-like ambiance, therapeutic advantages, and deep relaxation, making them ideal for individuals seeking a more indulgent showering experience. Regular showers, on the other hand, provide a familiar and practical option for daily hygiene routines. Understanding the differences between these two types of showers will help you make an informed decision when considering an upgrade or planning a bathroom renovation. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences, budget, and desired showering experience.

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