Mr. Steam XDream iSteamX Steam Generator Control Kit / Package Bezel

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Mr. Steam XDream Programmable Steam Generator Control Kit with iSteamX Control and Aroma Glass Steamhead

    Your dream steam shower has arrived. The XDream Package allows you to take total control over every detail of your steam shower experience. With the sophisticated and intuitive iSteamX, Chroma, Aroma, and Music Therapy systems, AromaGlass Steam Head, AutoFlush system, and more.

  • The XDream Package includes the iSteamX control, intuitively designed for a tailored user experience
  • The XDream Package includes the Aroma Glass SteamHead, available in many designer finishes to match any décor
  • Package includes the Bluetooth audio sound AudioX System designed for wet, high-heat environments
  • Package includes the ChromaSteamX System offering 78, color selection possibilities
  • Package includes the AromaSteam System which directly infuses aroma fragrance into the steam line
  • Package includes a 1-liter bottle of Eucalyptus Fragrance for use with the Aroma Steam System
  • Package includes the AutoFlush System, offering clean steam every time
  • Package includes a Condensation Pan
If not in stock at our warehouse, this product ships direct from Mr. Steam to you. Mr. Steam typically ships out within 5-7 business days. 

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